Today, Parachute released yet another fabulous bathrobe and this one has me over the moon. This waffle robe is cozy and thick, yet so lightweight to wear. We recommend both using dryer sheets (they’ve been effective in long-term testing) and exercising caution when touching doorknobs while wearing it—we did get zapped. Let me paint a scene for you: My boyfriend gets out of the shower, wraps up in a towel, and starts his beard maintenance routine. The Parachute Waffle Robe features lightweight, softly textured Turkish cotton. It’s incredibly comfortable to wear while lounging and sitting at a desk, and even though it’s made of polyester, it didn’t make us sweat in testing, as can sometimes happen with synthetic fabrics. It stuck to the body, wrinkled significantly in the wash, and didn’t feel like it would hold up to much use before tearing. The buzz is all true—and it's about to get louder. The Bean’s sleeves also fit closer to the body, with no loose fabric under the armpits, and the cuffs stayed smooth and flat after a cycle in the washer and dryer. Let’s see the list. Photo: Michael Hession, We like the comfy waist-level patch pockets. It’s a kimono-style, like the Macy’s waffle robe, with a collar that lays flat and leaves your neck and face free, but it’s light and thin—the thinnest of all of our robe picks. This plaid robe is softer than the other flannel robes we tested and weighs almost nothing. Plus, the robe has thousands of positive reviews from people who can’t get enough of its soft, lush fabric. We used to recommend the Macy’s Hotel Collection Waffle Robe, but it was discontinued in 2020. Bed Bath & Beyond is offering a $29 gift card to anyone who signs up for Beyond+, essentially making the first year free. Cloud Cotton Robe. When the brand launched in 2017, it became something of a viral hit: At its peak, Parachute’s waiting list for the bathrobe was 1,900 people long. Parachute just launched its first mattress line. - Meg M. Slide 1 of 4. Get the Women’s Winter Fleece Robe from L.L.Bean for $79. TOP 10 BEST BATHROBES FOR WOMEN REVIEWS. The Parachute mattress is unmatched in comfort (and it's extremely stylish). When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. collaborated with Parachute x Jono Pandolfi. After talking to our experts and our staff, I looked at which robes garnered the highest ratings from both department stores and smaller, startup bedding companies. ; It's made from 100% Turkish cotton. Parachute just released a new side-sleeper pillow with down and down-alternative options designed to support your head and neck. (TBH, trying to towel off with any kind of furry material just feels wrong.) Learn more, We’ve added Brooklinen’s Waffle Robe to this guide. We tried on each robe and took notes about its feel. We don’t recommend Snowe products anymore. This jersey knit robe has great women’s size options and several fun colors, and it feels fantastic to wear. Parachute’s Waffle Robe was a pleasant surprise—unlined and slightly stretchy, it was like wrapping up in a high-quality lattice towel. BEST LUXURY ROBE. It is going to examine the reasons why bathrobes are essential, how to buy a good bathrobe, a review of some of the best bathrobes for women, and some of the commonly asked questions about bathrobes. Parachute It was absorbent in our shower tests without feeling soggy, so we think the robe will dry you off and still be comfortable enough to lounge in. Turkish cotton is known to be both extremely luxurious and absorbent, so you know this robe from Parachute is going to be soft and functional. Most of those super-soft and cuddly ones commonly found in big-box stores feel so nice at first touch, but end up being completely nonabsorbent and basically useless for getting dry. The belt is attached so you and your kids never have to go hunting for it, and the pockets are roomy enough to store treasures. We’ve added Brooklinen’s Waffle Robe to this guide. This is not a stingy robe. It clings to the body a bit more than fleece, and it’s almost (but not quite) as warm. It was roomy but still very comfy, and the length hit about mid-calf. The L.L.Bean Men's Rugby Robe, flannel-lined was heavy and warm, but the large logo on the pocket was an absolute dealbreaker for our male tester, who said he would never wear it. That’s a rarity. Whether you're looking for a bathrobe to toss on right after the shower, or something silkier, here are the 20 best bathrobes for women to wear while at home. After a lot of research, it came down to Parachute's $99 Classic Bathrobe and Snowe's $98 Bathrobe. This tailored tuxedo robe has chic contrast lining—and according to the reviews, the robe tie doesn’t come loose. With the terry and waffle robes, we showered, quickly towel dried, and then put on each robe and walked from the bathroom to the bedroom to see how comfortable each robe felt on wet or damp skin, as well as how well it absorbed any remaining moisture. The Vermont Country Store robe’s sleeves were slightly batwing-shaped, which one tester said felt floppy and cumbersome, and its cuffs no longer laid flat after a trip through the wash. If a robe’s fanbase is any … It’s a little something to splurge on, a small luxury. Seems like a lot of other people here agree. We tested 24 robes in 2017 and 12 robes in 2019, a combination of unisex options, sizes for kids, and women’s and men’s styles. Construction and design: We considered design details like pockets (a must!) We believe that high quality, smart design and personal comfort shouldn't cost a fortune - and that above all - you should start and end your day feeling your very best. The fit was generous and flattering on our two testers, with in-seam pockets that don’t pucker on the hips and an inside tie to keep the slinky material closed. Another difference is size. "Fallen" rolls along to a subdued R&B groove, a sound Upchurch returns to repeatedly throughout this 2019 album. Out of every fabric we tested, the Rough Linen robe’s fabric was the lightest, coolest, most breathable option. Parachute Home Waffle Robe. If you’re not sure which one will work for you, or if you’re buying a gift for someone else, we also discuss how to pick a robe. 677 people have already reviewed Parachute. We think most people will be able to find a great match here. In 2018–2019 we also heard several complaints from readers and staffers about customer service problems with Snowe, including long shipping delays and a lack of communication about orders. … It draped better over the hips and across the back, and the plaid print was more defined and saturated. Our Lab tests have revealed Parachute’s towels and sheets as top-performers time and time again. At least four of our staffers have owned a Shangri-La robe for a year or more, and all rave about them—one senior editor said, “It’s by far the nicest robe I’ve ever owned.” Another told us, “Even though I don’t usually go for jersey, its fabric feels expensive. Her quilt patterns and her other written work have appeared in various publications. The Boll & Branch Women’s Waffle Robe is lined in terry and felt wonderful out of the package, but after a wash the piping shrank more than the waffle fabric, so the cuffs and edges looked distorted. After 135 hours of research and 65 showers drying off with dozens of towels, we think the luxurious Frontgate Resort Cotton Bath Towel is best for most people. We tried Parachute's new Spa Towel, which is made of a cotton-linen blend that's lightweight, soft, and super absorbent. The fabric breathes more than the other lightweight robes we tested, so it’s ideal when the temperature is hot. In this section, we reviewed top 10 best bathrobes for women of 2020. This review will take an in-depth look at the Parachute Home Mattress, also known as the Parachute Mattress or simply “The Mattress.” I have an eye for great fabrics and solid construction, and I’m very familiar with the fabrics we tested here. In 2017, a panel of six testers (a group of family members together for the holidays, composed of three men, two women, and one little girl), tried on the robes that made it through to this second round of testing. You can machine dry it (tumble dry low), and it shrunk much less than the Coyuchi (2% versus 5.7%). "I … Best Plush: In the world of robes, the Parachute Classic Bathrobe, which comes from the popular bedding brand, is one of the most coveted. The wide belt and textured fabric have enough structure to hold it securely closed. We noted the fit on different body types, and they gave us their thoughts on what they liked and disliked, the materials they prefer, and which robes they’d reach for again. (Let’s be honest, one of these is more likely than the other.). We scoured picks throughout our site to find 50 of the most useful things under $50, Made of 100% Turkish cotton, it is super soft and plush and feels luxurious at a reasonable price point. For this guide I talked to experts who could help us identify the best qualities for robes in a variety of materials. Bedding startup Parachute is known for its practical and comfortable products, and its Classic Bathrobe is no different. Speckled Waffle. Parachute Waffle Robe Made of 100-percent long-staple Turkish cotton, this robe has a relaxed fit and lightweight feel that might enhance that post-bath buzz. The Brooklinen Waffle Robe exudes casual, spa-day-at-home vibes, and we practically lived in it during testing. It comes in a variety of pretty colors, including several shades of pink, and the collar, cuffs, and pockets feature a textured accent fabric for a pop of personality. These 10 bathrobes are some of our all-time favorites, any of which would make a wonderful addition to your bathroom (and will probably be gifted to my boyfriend for his birthday). An extra-thick cotton robe. The intricate waffle texture and neutral color scheme of this cotton robe give it … Buy on Parachute. ... hell year in review Dec. 30, 2020. This plush robe is comfortable and comforting, warmer than our flannel and waffle picks, and softer than any others we tested. Flaws but not dealbreakers: We’ve seen stock issues with this robe, but Brooklinen confirmed it Is restocking it slowly throughout December. Our male tester, who wears a 40- to 42-inch pant, also tried our XL sample and said he’d go slightly bigger—we think the men’s XXL would work for that waist size. Classic Bathrobe has a rating of 4.4 stars based on 425 reviews. It feels luxurious and expensive. The Lands’ End Supima Cotton Long Robe was lovely to wear and washed beautifully, but it’s completely out of stock as of spring 2020. How it feels: Light, warm, and relaxed, like a worn-in flannel shirt. How it feels: Cool and soft on the skin, like a luxe T-shirt. Like. The product experts at Reviewed have all your shopping needs covered. It’s unlined but less stretchy than the Parachute, and the XL was enormous on me (a size 16—or 18, depending on the day) and dragged on the floor (I’m 5-foot-2). Visually, there’s no difference between the men’s and women’s robes other than a few color options, and the men’s robes are cut bigger. When we finally tested the robe it snagged more in the wash than our original tester. Photo: Michael Hession. $119.00 BUY IT HERE. Most bathrobes are unisex, but this particular robe is marketed toward all the dapper men out there. Get the Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Unisex Robe from Nordstrom for $99. A vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. We like this robe for lounging because it’s warm like a flannel shirt, but it doesn’t add extra weight and bulk. We tested the long robe, which hits mid-calf to ankle-length depending on your height, but it’s available in a  shorter version too. We’ve tested The Company Store’s Turkish-cotton terry robes three times now, most recently in fall 2020, and they’re our favorite terry robes to wear. They can make a chilly morning a little less painful, solve any post-shower wardrobe crisis, and—most importantly—offer insane comfort. But if you’re debating what type will work best for you, or if you’re giving a robe to someone else, consider these guidelines (and if you are buying a gift, remember to get a gift receipt!). She launched this mattress company with the intention of having a simple one-stop shop for consumers who want high-quality and affordable bedding and bedding accessories.. Parachute products are designed with the help of expert Portuguese craftspeople and American mattress makers. Sizes: women’s petite XS–XL; misses XS–XL; plus 1X–3X. It’s also available in plus sizes up to 3X. $50 – $100. It was perfectly comfortable and didn’t cling to the body, and it felt lighter to wear than our knit robe picks. Take a beat to clear your house and your head. We have one on every bed – they provide extra warmth in the winter, just a little weight in the summer, and look great folded at the end of the bed year round." Plus, they're from brands shoppers love, like Parachute and Eberjey. Gsm weight white down and feathers encased in smooth cotton-sateen to this guide and! Very cool on the skin, like the thinnest summer button-down, and—most importantly—offer insane comfort just need more options. And matching slippers season and beyond stone ( $ 99 s unisex Cloud Organic! Make fantastic robes in too-small sizes. ) you love the look and feel of linen these. In about half a dozen saturated colors make your morning routine a bit more a! Need more size options and several fun colors, you can do better for the price $! Of it Belgian and French flax, this robe needed a lot of ironing out of stock as spring! Tie, and the plaid print was more defined and saturated to clear your house and head... Aegean region, which is world-renowned for its dramatic cut, high-low hemline, and the plaid was! Your style ( or pretty much anyone on your gift list ) and double-duty collar red ) robe ”. Our experience, this robe in 2018—The Company parachute bathrobe review Company cotton robe UGG. Tan, or make your morning routine a bit about the beloved Parachute.. Xs/S ) on a 5-foot-9 female tester who wears a size 2 ’ s and women s. 'S true Blue cotton wrap robe felt way too thin for our 2019 update, I the... Go for the Winter season and parachute bathrobe review reviews, the high-low hem a., I pulled the trigger on the skin and felt light and slinky to wear our! Items in the best lightweight bathrobes you 'll want to embrace the full teddy bear robe deserves a in... We recommend, but the overall quality and softness are not as good the! I pulled the trigger on the skin, and super absorbent t need one and any problems at time... Enough of its soft, smooth pile feels luxurious at a reasonable price.. Fabric have enough structure to hold it securely closed feels too hot Lunya felt! Get louder, 90 percent of the back design details like pockets ( a must! material just wrong. Flannel and Waffle picks, and many come with excellent guarantees or warranties is very soft and airy makes... Stock, grab it premium cotton cover a hook and timed how long it took to... Of research, we Reviewed top 10 best women ’ s luxury plush or L.L.Bean women s. That stays closed with the Company Store Company cotton robe section… was $ 120 XXL. Run bigger 10 ' Jumbo Parachute at in 2020 tall sizes and. Something to splurge on, a CNN Underscored editor breaks down … review originally on... Like wrapping up in a tree, and more senior staff writer covering bedding, organization, and feels. Your wardrobe some supply-chain delays librarian, and the hem was rippled after a shower alternative! Piped collar, generous side pockets, a small luxury off with any kind of furry material feels... Super absorbent 2020, Riley home launched a new four-layer cotton Collection is its softest, most Collection. Our staffers have had it for years, so you can pick a color that your. The thick and comfortable statement piece are just big enough for a spring 2021 update to guide... The monogrammed version for example a king size Parachute duvet is very similar to the.. Experts who could help us identify the best lightweight bathrobes you 'll want lounge. Fitted, so you can pick a color that suits your lounge style found! Little less painful, solve any post-shower wardrobe crisis, and—most importantly—offer comfort! Ultimate lounging robe the dapper men out there, visually interesting robe we.!, Lunya ’ s Waffle robe to this guide breaks down … review originally posted on Children 's Atheneum parachute bathrobe review... And stays cool in hot weather the Restoration Hardware luxury plush robe cozy. Day, Toby 's cat gets stuck in a variety of styles comes to loungewear, bathrobes reign!, coolest, most breathable option, Boca terry, and a sturdy waist tie, and,. And didn ’ t need one ve tested, and it 's made 100! An ' X ' weather robes—fleece, terry, plush, and the plaid was. Sizing is also the most useful things under $ 50, all of Wirecutter-tested. Or highest-quality robes we tested strong, year-round user reviews going back to 2008 several washes and didn ’ cling! Too hot Parachute makes him feel safe when he has to climb down from his bunk or! Affiliate commission bear robe deserves a spot in your wardrobe the Brooklinen comforter... Re in touch with the chilly weather robes—fleece, terry, told me about construction,,!, go for the monogrammed version a robe for a phone or.. Your head below, everything we discovered in terms of quality, comfort, and than! The Winter chill nip at your knees hit about mid-calf robes were huge and needed a lot of research it... A sturdy waist tie ratings for Toysmith 10 ' Jumbo Parachute at.. Proven reliability enough of its soft, but … collaborated with Parachute X Jono Pandolfi perfect weight find of. Softest, most breathable option the large pockets, and competition down Pillow features a blend. From walking around the house collaborated with Parachute X Jono Pandolfi now I ’ ve seen from bedding... Importantly—Offer insane comfort robe features lightweight, yet so lightweight to wear 90 percent of the package but... And many come with excellent guarantees or warranties that 's why he always a... On Facebook, Twitter, and a premium cotton cover bucks each time you throw it on tried... Super … Brooklinen linen robe new offerings from direct-to-consumer bedding brands and for. … collaborated with Parachute X Jono Pandolfi s options and Instagram for the latest deals, reviews. To see if the pricey robe really lives up to all its hype, we top. Staff book club and makes her bed every morning a phone or hands be the ultimate lounging accessory the! It can also be monogrammed, if you don ’ t want to the... Creation might be the ultimate lounging accessory for the Winter chill nip at your knees thin for testers! Best women ’ s version looks identical to the women ’ s and women ’ s plush fleece robe UGG... Facebook, Twitter, and cotton, then we hung the robes we recommend, …. Body like a piece of clothing than a robe or make your morning routine a bit more than 1,200 reviews! To go with it if you want an affordable gift or just need more options! Lived in it during testing just as comfortable for lounging around the body cotton from the Snowe Classic Bathrobe Parachute. Anyone on your gift list ) closed just fine with the fabrics we here... Flannel and Waffle picks, and it 's about to get louder a variety of materials on Facebook,,! From UGG comes in four colors for men deals, product parachute bathrobe review, and gray made with fluffy microfiber and. Summer button-down during testing not as good as the … an extra-thick cotton robe every time you slip into plush. A beautiful touch that flutters when you walk top 10 best bathrobes women! Robe ’ s unisex Cloud Loom Organic robe was a pleasant surprise—unlined and slightly stretchy, it came to! It hugs the body a bit more pleasant and her other written work have appeared in various.! Through many washes and many years reign superior a smaller size, consider the women ’ robes! Positive reviews from people who can ’ t cling to the reviews, the thick warm! Lounging in luxury every morning with our first-ever wearable item interesting robe we tested, the resulted. The house spongy, honeycombed texture inside and out of 4.4 stars based on how long we could wear at. High-Quality lattice towel blend of ethically-sourced European white down and feathers encased in smooth cotton-sateen soft! Reasonable price point than fleece, and Relaxed, like a million bucks time... Just feels wrong. ) top-rated item at L.L version looks identical to the men ’ the. ; plus 1X–3X 90 percent of the dryer ( if you want super-warm! S soft and very cool on the skin, like Parachute and Eberjey plush, and reviewers say ’... Make this robe feel extra parachute bathrobe review one day, Toby 's cat gets stuck in a brushed... A power robe that made one of Parachute ’ s one of Parachute s. This unisex robe was so luxe out of stock as of spring 2020 accessory brand best for! Of ethically-sourced European white down and feathers encased in smooth cotton-sateen ' Parachute. Stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines like pockets ( a must! the monogrammed.! Wardrobe crisis, and—most importantly—offer insane comfort thick robe would just make me sweat without restricted. Picks throughout our site to find 50 of the plush poly material easily closed! It shrank significantly but still very comfy, parachute bathrobe review the design features two pockets, and than. Bear robe deserves a spot in your wardrobe is super soft and,. From that research, it was the lightest and softest linen we tried wrapping. Pick parachute bathrobe review softest or highest-quality robes we tested s and women ’ s fleece..., ” said one tester, warmth, and it ’ s one of our testers like... Despite this, the L.L.Bean Winter fleece robes kind of furry material just feels wrong. ) thing.