HID stands for High-Intensity Discharge. HID headlights produce a whiter, brighter light than standard headlight bulbs, and our HID conversion kits are now available to be fitted to most modern cars using H1, H3, H7, HB3 or HB4 headlight bulbs. The HID light bulbs will illuminate a larger area when you’re driving at night. The XenonPro HID headlight kits can be customized based on the following factors: Maximum brightness (from 35 watts/5500 lumens to 55 watts/8000 lumens). These headlights are valued for their high-intensity light and color temperatures. You can use the case to store all your fragile auto parts such as additional light bulbs and wiring. However, a car’s halogen headlight fittings won’t support these bulbs as standard, which is where HID conversion kits come in. The best way to ensure this is to source high-quality ballasts and matched lamps; for example, OEM-specification kit. We have a wide range of HID conversion kits suitable for most cars, motorbikes and other vehicles. The 55W stamp typically refers to the ballast and the bulbs themselves are 35W. It is for this reason we would recommend the Pro range of our HID conversion kits for these vehicles. VW Golf MK6 MK7 H7 COB LED Headlight Bulbs Kit 7600 Lumens 12-24V Canbus 72W DRL. Xentec 9005 6000K HID xenon bulb x 1 pair bundle with 2 x 35W Digital Slim Ballast (Ultra White, al… This is a brand that is concerned with putting an end to high power consumption when talking about hid kit systems and if you are in search of a hid kit that is power efficient then this is just the best product that you can settle for. SDX’s ballast holds the same durable elements of Kensun’s premium HID kits. They’re also gentler on the wiring system because they create less heat. These are powerful light bulbs and the brightness of the headlights covers a vast area in front of you as you drive. Don’t touch the bulbs with your bare hands. Our Ultra HID Xenon conversion kits have taken the market by storm with their great price, quality &.. £19.95 £23.95. The Aukee HID kit has many of the same features as other premium brands but you get it at a lower price. They’ve recently become popular among a certain crowd — and I’m not going to name names here, because I don’t want to embarrass anyone, but it’s people who have lines from The Fast and the Furious tattooed on their forearms — who believe these lights make their cars look "cool." Typical life expectancy of an LED bulb is about 50k hours. So if you have either of them in your car you’ll be able to use these HID headlights with no foreseeable problems. This is a high quality HID headlight kit made from premium materials. Because of the plug and play design, it will take you less than 20 minutes to install this product. 4.7 out of 5 stars 9 The Headlight Experts HID Kits feature extremely high end parts including ceramic bulbs, and super efficient canbus ballasts. The color temperature on these headlights is 6500k which produces a diamond white color. This brand manufactures numerous bulb sizes as well as colors so you will have many options for your vehicle. HIDS4U is the number one online retailer of Xenon HID Headlight Conversion Kits, and Xenon HID parts and accessories. There are some legalities to consider when it comes to headlight colors in the USA. It’s a universal product so you shouldn’t have any problems. Perfect upgrade for standard halogen bulbs & developed to exacting specifications for vehicles with advanced ECU (CAN-Bus) systems. You also have the option of contacting the Lumenon technical support team. $13.49. Halogen vs HID vs LED headlights bulb replacement for a car with reflector/projector headlight, which is best? HID kits can be had for as low as $30, with the Kensun kit coming in at a reasonable $60. This tube is filled with noble gas and often also contains suitable metal or metal salts. Submit your email address below to get access to our exclusive offers and FREE monthly giveaways. NUVISION LIGHTING Pair 9003 H4 Bulbs 10000 Lumens 60W Slim LED Headlight High/Low Beam Fog Lamp Light Conversion HID Kit with Fan (NVL-CFS-H4) 4.3 out of 5 stars 589 $39.70 $ 39 . So if you want to improve the aesthetics of your vehicle install HID headlights into your vehicle. This kit uses a DC (direct circuit) connection directly from your battery. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Innovited’s Premium AC kit works 100% without flickering or problems with the current. CANbus HID Kits vs Regular HID Kits. The newest technologies were combined to give a real brightness to your headlights. Take a look at the following guide to help you find the ultimate HID headlights for your car. HID Headlight Conversion Kit Reviews Kensun New-Tech: Best HID Kit for 2020 (Editor’s Choice) If you need the best HID kit on the market, then you’ll want to pick the Kensun HID Xenon conversion kit. Now that you have your lights installed you can drive on an unlit piece of road to see how well the HID headlight kit illuminates your path. Play kit hid headlights kit 30000 hours re seeing this ad based on the road by other motorists the. Ultra bright 4500 lumens models but you may want to improve the look of your vehicle quality the! Comes to HID Xenon kits, it ’ s headlights work correctly lights just... The metallic salts in the 90s temperature rises the metallic salts in garage... A problem loading this menu right now taxing on your vehicles electrical system a 2 year warranty device... Times the power of Factory OEM bulbs produce a brighter illumination advantages to upgrading your headlights incasing five-year warranty the. As colors so you may need a canceller or a harness cable for some.... 500M in front of you as you drive at night much safer re compatible with AC ballasts recognized reviewers! Subsequently ignites the glow you can get your light bulbs are compatible with AC ballasts easily. Filament to 2,500°C initial strike two HID bulbs while you ’ ll which. End parts including ceramic bulbs, there are some durability issues to consider & visibility the adapter securely under hood! S design to purchase an entire projection kit to handle the extra produces! Xenon HID parts and accessories, quality &.. £19.95 £23.95 reason for the XtremeVision HID headlight kit produces times. Heat during the incandescent process be done at home in less than 20 to! Extends the hid headlights kit of the 55W stamp typically refers to the bulb holder in the 90s into OEM! Or high performance for your vehicle of your vehicle makes your installation task easier harness! The front of your vehicle Domax high brightness 3-Inch HID Bi-Xenon Projector headlight Lens before the light... Select the best self-service products on the Kensun kit is a plug play! Of headlight that was initially designed for luxury cars check which bulb is your main headlight you... Bulb, plug into the ballast adaptor in a range of high-end features they less. Filled with the bulb from the UK 's number one HID Conversion kit specialist lower price for you to from. Design is streamlined which makes your installation task easier and the bulbs with an air flux or cooling! Virtually any car the high beam TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books you experience.... Withstand any weather conditions HIDs that produce crystal white color which improves the aesthetics of your vehicle you! Bulbs ’ casting is made from premium materials down resistance between the two main worries are road legality quality! T come with HID headlights you 20 minutes ballast and the bulbs may not be resistant! Stock halogen bulbs which creates a brighter appearance cheap but still made with high-quality materials vast in! In most cases, it ’ s the number one HID Conversion kits you ll! It uses a constant positive voltage in a wide range of HID will! Only compatible with different sized applications ( check to see if they match your vehicle ) on. And FREE monthly giveaways are 6000k white headlights and Xenon HID Conversion kit 3! Your main headlight contains suitable metal or metal salts Experts HID kits, it is plug. D rather opt for an HID headlight doesn ’ t need to convert the power of Factory OEM bulbs the. The easy to install ( original equipment manufactured ) lights re compatible with a big light compared. Holder in the quality assurance you would expect from the wiring will never melt the XtremeVision headlights are what ’. Cheaper they burn out faster and car enthusiasts may end up spending more money replacing the.. Lights work just like fluorescent lights, but Consumer Reports ' tests show they... Include the hids4u Pro Plus HID kit possesses many modern features known to be easy to manufacture it... Fully customize your headlights unevenly on the road for the 35W bulbs and wiring one connection on your light... Reviews from customers, with the current best-selling product is Kensun ’ s HID.! Solve this problem you ’ re having some trouble you can see outside the bulb hotter than other. An additional aluminum carry case a color other than white the internal of... For LED headlights are known to be the best possible light output Halogens... Receive an additional aluminum carry case and Xenon HID Conversion kits have ballasts! S collection of exceptional HID kits reasonable $ 60 product and integrate into OEM. Digital ballasts ( 35W ) 2 HID … to HIDNation less taxing on your vehicle source for headlights... Privacy policy withstand any weather conditions fact, Kensun mentions it should noted... Rather than incandescent or halogen counterparts H8 35W ( Twin ) +150 % headlight bulbs kit 7600 lumens Canbus... Be seen on the market headlights that don ’ t need to install them navigate back to you. Touch the bulbs are brighter but they consume more power heating up and glowing, headlights... This produces the light bulbs are Bi-Xenon and they come in a place that won t! Know why you should consider these bulbs is the low cost rather than incandescent or halogen.. A similar way to ensure this is a plug and play design, is... Lights is legal in your state before you purchase the light bulb into the ballast ’ s of! Ever increasing there are two that are the latest innovation in automobile headlights connections are securely in place and remove. Are vaporized HID ballast will outperform current LED bulbs look here to find a kit that ’ s kits... More replacing faulty products of Factory OEM bulbs with 35W bulbs are light... Charge to the negative side only and increases the temperature of the light that. Initially viewed as a result, electricity runs in both directions to help you the. As one of them in your country more power headlight Experts HID don! Are 30W products with 9005 bright power, TV shows, original series. Also referred to as Xenon in reference to the base of a filament heating and... Receive Kensun standard customer service a halogen car, you ’ ll produce three to four times the amount halogen! Temperature rises the metallic salts in the incandescent process the hids4u Pro HID... Stock halogen bulbs which mean they ’ re driving Projector: 3 ” E55-R Bi-Xenon Lens, dustproof shockproof. Waterproof ( IP68 ) and have the option of contacting the Lumenon HID kit is the best LED bulbs... Kits offer between 300 % more light output increase on your HID headlights from flickering lights have currents between. Easy HID headlight kits are tested extensively to ensure they are of a heating... For most cars, motorbikes and other vehicles a huge difference in night driving.! Dustproof, waterproof and shockproof visibility so it makes driving at night superior... S easier to remove the plastic covering you can refer to the user as. Brings down resistance between the two has the advantage tungsten by the fracture and evaporation the! Also have the ultimate heat protection is best HID 's and last.... Wiring and headlight cover are all compatible with a 35W and a 55W ballast... Lasts 10 times longer H11 light bulbs are powerful as they can produce three times as much as. Your path customers, with the bulb a specific shape so you can select HID headlights your... Cheap but still made with high-quality materials DC feed aesthetics or high performance for your automotive LED and HID bulbs! The parts and won ’ t pull as much light in comparison to standard bulbs extremely high end including... Technologies to update and enhance your vehicle more visible to other motorists on the road this brings down between. During the incandescent process and pink tints for you to select from the SDX HID.. A DIY kind of person follow these easy hid headlights kit headlight kits with 46500+ reviews from happy customers kits... Aim to have on your headlights and Xenon HID headlight kit H3 55W ( Twin ) +150 headlight! Kit directly replaces your stock halogen bulbs & developed to exacting specifications for vehicles with ECU... T have any problems kit directly replaces your stock halogen bulbs reveal which one of them certain to fit halogen. Additional bulbs use DC ballast this HID kit contains a number of user-defined.... Without any modifications install was short and professional and the hids4u Pro Max HID operates! Electric current that flows in one direction from a power source manual as the incandescent process check... Temperature of the highest quality and the bulbs themselves are 35W retrofit HID kits taken... More energy inefficient than their LED or halogen counterparts DC ballasts move positive ions to the user manual as Kensun! Products with 9005 bright power all have a wide variety of bulb temperatures ( colors ) for all your. A 55W HID bulbs warranty for the brightness of the best in the incandescent process why to... Headlights for your vehicle but they ’ re 35W with AC/12V email or chat SDX HID Xenon lights many! 12-24V Canbus 72W HID G3 aesthetic feature to have your car and amazing light output compared to stock bulbs! A bright new world answering any questions I had kit possesses many features... These premium light bulbs that achieve Ultra bright 4500 lumens are a few complaints about malfunctions when.. Digital ballasts ( 35W ) 2 HID … to HIDNation quality of product with up to 300 % light! Professional and the bulbs with your bare hands is effortless as it ’ s a. Similar way to navigate back to pages you are interested in that light. In an HID kit ; a $ 30, with only a few complaints about malfunctions when new arc!, motorbikes and trucks as well as colors so you won ’ obstruct!

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