Chinese words for pastries include 糕点, 点心, 饼, 饽饽, 饼饵 and 饽. Migu comes in different sizes. Cakes are stacked with cream and fruit and decorated with geometric frosting. Hong Kong bakers transformed the creamy pastel de nata into the dense dan tat by upping the egg yolks and lowering the dairy and sugar. These fried noodle cakes are more common in grocery stores than bakeries, where you may have seen them stacked up and wrapped in plastic. Bakeries vary on both the saltiness of their fillings and the flavor of their cakes. Sponge cake 鸡蛋糕(baked) Ang ku kueh 红龟糕is small round pastries shaped to resemble a tortoise shell, an animal associated with longevity. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest recipes and tips! The cakes are pressed into intricate molds for a beautiful patterned stamp topping. During Lunar New Year, the cake is made into special shapes such as a carp or god of wealth to symbolize prosperity. This one really has to be eaten warm to get the most out of the pork fat and sweet sauces. Explore other popular food spots near you from over 7 million businesses with … Ang ku kueh 红龟糕 is small round pastries shaped to resemble a tortoise shell, an animal associated with longevity. They share the flaky crust but have a smoother, lighter filling and a broiled crust like crème brûlée. Traditionally, Chinese baby girl names are a combination of two names. As with other baked buns, these come with a glossy egg wash. Bean paste pastry is a baked pastry containing bean paste. The pastry is decorated with a pair of Dragon and Phoenix and is used especially by the Cantonese as gifts before their daughter's wedding. This is Jamie Oliver’s easy almond puff pastry recipe and we just loved it! See main article Ang Ku Kueh Due to the time limit on You Tube, I've had to edit a fair bit out. King Pastry 大砰饼, Longevity buns 寿桃 The Chinese cuisine has evolved significantly over the course of history and so have the traditional pastries. That filling is usually sticky but sliceable lotus or red bean paste, sometimes with egg yolks in the center, but nut and fruit versions are popular, too. USA, Chinas It is almost always offered in a stack of 3 gently sitting on top of each other in a transparent plastic bag sealed with a strip of red tape. It is one of the most popular pastries and is consumed throughout the year. Coconut. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]. Even seasoned Chinese bakery pros can get overwhelmed; we certainly felt that way during our hunt for the best Chinese bakeries in Manhattan's Chinatown. I think pastries filled with Chinese date paste can better show the historical tradition because of its Chinese medicine side. At best, they're light and sweet with a delicate "fried" aroma, and unlike buns, though, they can stay fresh for days. There’s not much sugar in these, but they are chewy, a quality known as QQ and highly-valued in Taiwan more than the Mainland. Dough tortoise or Migu is a tortoise shape dough cake used for ceremonial purposes. We have unlocked the secrets of making many of those treats, and they're all here in our Chinese bakery recipe collection. As this is a work in progress (WIP) list and more pastries will be added. You may also find hot dogs sliced and arranged in clover-shaped buns topped with scallions for a more sweet bun. The full rundown is below, but if there's one takeaway to get from this guide, it's this: visit Chinese bakeries in the morning for best results. Burmese Chinese sweet cakes (甜糕) are round, sweet and sticky cakes made from glutinous rice and either white or brown sugar. You'll find some of the above fillings, like red bean and roast pork, in steamed buns, along with others like these: Although pumpkin sweets usually bring to mind classic fall spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves), these buns should taste only of squash with a little sugar. The most common or immediately associated skin color is red although other colors such as yellow, gray, and green are available. For an overview of Chinatownology, see sitemap. The top is sprinkled with sesame seeds. The subtle sweetness of winter melon and lotus bean alongside the sugar shock of coconut and sweetened roast pork. The label says something like "soft flour cake," but in truth most pre-packaged ones I've sampled from groceriesare hard, crusty, and stale. Most versions revolved around the theme of a man selling the cake to raise funds to pay for his marriage or to redeem his wife from slavery in order to be married. Western sponge cakes are fluffy, eggy, and moist without being greasy. best Chinese bakeries in Manhattan's Chinatown, Chinese Cooking 101: How to Marinate Meat for Stir Fries, 14 Essential Sichuan Eats (Beyond Hot Pot) in Chengdu and Chongqing. These are very popular as corporate gifts. [Photograph: Max Falkowitz] Coconut buns are usually split down the middle, filled with a … The size of the “bloom” is an indicator of the degree of prosperity in the coming year. Here are the 250 greatest bakery names that are all in a class of their own. During this period, almost every store in Yangon Chinatown offers both varieties of these cakes. Sitemap, Asia Longevity buns can be presented as an individual peach or be combined into an elaborate display piece. It has a skin holding different types of filings. This pastry’s name derives from its resemblance with a horse hoof. Of course, when you compare the names as well as the pastries themselves, it’s obvious that they both come from the same place — in fact, some food historians believe that the modern strudel and strudl were inspired by early versions of Turkish baklava. We reserve the right to delete off-topic or inflammatory comments. To be updated of the latest news, stories and events, join Chinatownology mailing list. Learn more on our Terms of Use page. Use a sharp knife to cut about ½-inch (1 cm) slices (cookies). I have arranged these top-notch names into categories, from cute to creative to modern. Dough Tortoise (Migu) 米龟 Though a fresh-from-the-oven cake is definitely the way to go if you can, a mid-afternoon sponge cake should still taste light and fresh. Let us know in the comments. Of the Chinese population with English first names, the most popular three male and female names … Copyright © 2007-20 Chinatownology, All Rights Reserved. Most Chinese characters have a meaning that can be translated into English, but Chinese names are often not fully translatable. Back to top. This differentiation is achieved either with a change in ingredients or simply by being printed with different motifs. Thailand As with red bean paste, taro paste with some more solid nubs gives great contrast. See main article Nian Gao, 年糕, New year cake. STEP 8: Bake the cookies. Macao. Ang Gu Kueh 红龟糕 This page shows some of the most popular, most common or most interesting Chinese pastries. The hallmark of a really great steamed bun is the simplicity of white, fluffy dough, often made with bleached wheat flour for extra purity. Chinese bakeries will use this basic bun for all manner of fillings and toppings. The large ones are often plain with no filing while small ones may have sweet filings. Notice the baby tortoises below the mother tortoise. Chinese bakeries have a thing for hot dogs, and buns see them used in several forms. Buns of all kinds, baked and steamed. A dan tat's filling should be silky smooth with a slightly wiggly, creamy, rich (but not too rich) texture and a strong eggy flavor, balanced out by moderate sweetness. Bean Paste Cake (Liang Gao) (凉糕) Bean Paste Cake is a traditional Han desert popular in Beijing … An oval boat shape, wrapped in paper, is traditional, but many bakeries go for the oversized cupcake shape instead. A Flaky crispy pastry filled with creamy almond custard is a quick fix dessert with only five ingredients! Husband Cake 老公饼 Horse hoof biscuit has a flaky body with sweet filing and is one of the most popular pastries. Red bean paste, made from adzuki beans boiled and mashed with sweetener, is one of the most common flavors in the Asian sweet pantheon, and it epitomizes the not-too-sweet nature of Chinese buns. Canada The best Chinese desserts are red bean buns, dragon’s beard candy, egg tarts, candied fruit, pumpkin pancakes, sweet egg buns, deep fried durians, sweet soup balls, almond jelly, and grass jelly. Making our selection didn't take much time—there are only two nationally available brands of frozen puff pastry on the market (excluding Trader Joe's, which only sells its puff pastry during the holiday season). Steamed buns should be light, never dense or chewy, and moist but not mushy or soggy. Even if you aren't a fan of coconut, don't be afraid to give these a try: the taste of the coconut coating is faint at best. Is that really cheating? No, that isn’t a typo! This bright purple "taro" is actually made with ube. Chinese names are usually made up of three characters. Sponge cake 鸡蛋糕 (steamed) made from wheat flour, sugar and cooking oil. It's dense and wobbly like a dan tat but even more so, with a mild panna cotta-like flavor. Most of the bean paste stuffed into buns is a completely smooth purée, but if you're lucky you'll find a version with some real chunks of bean, which add a hearty texture and chew. Leavening during its production process produces a “bloom” that symbolizes prosperity. And the tart shell (often made with lard) should be flaky and light. Belgium These puff pastry scallion pancakes are definitely a side door way to get the classic Chinese snack craving into your mouth as easily as possible. Bite into one and the filling spills out like the inside of a molten chocolate cake. Australia It has a skin holding different types of filings. Qingshan is a phrase that describes a beautiful scene of blue-coloured mountains, and is often used in a phrase that loosely translates as ‘persistence’. While the first is a name that relates to beauty, grace, happiness or something else, the latter part relates to the family root with appealing sound and meaning. France More about Longevity Peach Where to eat the best Longevity Peach in the world The key is the juxtaposition of a very lightly sweetened bread with a salty dog. STEP 6: Dip each side of the cookie into the reserved cinnamon sugar mixture (third part).. Sponge cakes do not have any filings but vanilla is often used as a flavoring. There are several stories surrounding its name. King pastry is a popular item available all year round. This is the second video of what I hope to be many of cooking with my Ah-Ng, Anne Poon. If you see something not so nice, please, report an inappropriate comment. Rushi was the name of the famous Chinese courtesan and poet Liu Rushi. There's little English signage; all you can tell is that everything seems to cost a dollar or less and the air has the intoxicating smell of eggs, butter, and sugar. It taste sweet and powdery and very very soft with a pleasant fragrance. Mochi (borrowed from Japanese cuisine) come in a myriad of different flavors, but at their most basic, they're balls of soft sticky-rice dough filled with something sweet and usually rolled in coconut or finely crushed peanuts. At their best, they have a crispy exterior that tastes of sesame seeds (not fryer oil), a chewy layer of glutinous rice dough, and a well-filled core of red bean paste. The most common or immediately associated skin color is red although other colors such as … The bun is then topped with a sugar glaze before baking. Some bakeries fill their baked buns with mashed taro (colored pale lavender) or ube (full-on purple). Comments can take a minute to appear—please be patient! The larger may have red bean fillings. The paste is a classic filling in mooncakes, where it's kept dense and sliceable, but when used in bun filling, it's looser and less gummy. Cured, salted duck or chicken egg yolks have a rich, gritty salty-sweet custard character, and for bun filling they're blended with sugar and canned milk (evaporated, condensed, or coconut milk) to make a full-on custard that's then baked inside buns. The addition of sesame seeds to the filling, which contributes nuttiness and the tiniest bit of crunch. In the Ming dynasty novel, Journey to the West, 西游记, the immortal Queen Mother of the West, 西王母, held celestial peach parties for fellow immortals. Sweet Bread, sponge cake or biscuits / cookies are used to line a mold, which is then filled … Horse hoof biscuit (Matisu) 马蹄苏 If you can, find out when they were made. It is commonly used for offerings during ceremonies and during Chinese New Year celebrations. White cake has a sponge cake like body and generously powdered with flour. Most of the Chinese baby girl names represent Ancient civilization, beautiful places, modern cities, and places. Burmese Chinese sweet cakes (甜糕) Longevity peaches are served during birthday banquet of the elderly especially those celebrating their 60th birthday. See main article Bean Paste Pastry "Swiss" rolls, also called roll cakes, are close sponge cake relatives with some key differences. Then there are the cakes—Western layer cakes stacked a foot high and puffy cupcake-shaped sponge cakes, light as air. Barbecue pork—char siu—gets chopped up fine and mixed with a gooey blend of oyster sauce, hoisin, soy sauce, sugar, and other ingredients. They should be plump and golden, covered evenly with sesame seeds. Cakes and pastries. Also look out for versions festooned with shredded coconut, chunks of mango, or tapioca pearls. Index Chinese bakeries offer a plethora of delicious buns, tarts, and other desserts. About    The family name is the first character, and the remaining two characters are the given name. Philippines Among Chinese in Boston, the most common three first names are Wei (1.34%), Hong (0.916%) and Hui (0.836%). To name a few variations, we've seen taro, mango, green tea, peanut, black sesame, and red bean. Sachima are made from fried noodles bound with a sticky syrup, then sometimes mixed with sesame seeds and/or raisins. Some bakeries also offer a "milk tart," a tart shell filled with a custard made from egg whites. Pakistan Moon cakes are major gift items in Chinese social circles and businesses have responded to this need with a wide variety of moon cakes. These cakes are available all year round but especially popular during the Chinese New Year season when they are consumed for good luck. It is available throughout the year but exceptionally popular during the lunar New Year. All products linked here have been independently selected by our editors. Unlike steamed and baked buns, sponge cakes hold their own well into the day. Beijing style pastry also named tea food i s the representative of Northern Desserts of China. The character can refer to the producer’s name or as an auspicious character for safety as in 平安 “ping an”. White cake 白饼 Prosperity cakes or steamed cup cakes are usually light or dark brown in color. Wife cake (sweetheart cake) 老婆饼. They come in different sizes and in different colors. This cookie-shaped cake is filled with a subtle, sticky-chewy winter melon filling that has a taste and texture reminiscent of mashed sticky rice with some notes of sweet summer squash. This pastry is often perceived as the companion pastry to wife cake 老婆饼. If you are looking for Chinese baby boy names for the way you appreciate Chinese dialects such as Cantonese and Mandarin, or if you want to honor the cultural history, below is the list. Among the classic bakery labels that still thrive today is Daoxiangcun, the “emperor” of the Chinese pastry kingdom. Longevity buns are also been used in corporate birthday parties to create an East-West fusion birthday party. Green bean cake 绿豆糕 Just five ingredients and […] There are plenty of egg custard tart variations. Medium and small sponge cakes can be white, green, blue, pink, orange, brown and yellow. We may earn a commission on purchases, as described in our affiliate policy. Mooncakes are made for sharing—these things are dense, and eating one by yourself may kill your appetite for hours. A common companion pastry to husband cake 老公饼   is the husband although there is no known story on its origins or if it is related to wife cake. White sugar sponge cake – Chinese pastry that is popular in Hong Kong made from Rice flour, white sugar, water and leavening agent. However, there are no definite stories on its origin. The cake is more dense, baked in a flat sheet then rolled around a sweet filling. A finicky treat for a bakery to master, and definitely worth eating fresh from the fryer. STEP 5: Cut the dough into slices (photo 4):. Argentina Brand 1: Pepperidge Farm Brand 2: Dufour We picked up our package of Dufour at Whole Foods for $11.89, which, at 14 ounces comes out to 85¢ per ounce, almost triple that of Pepperidge Farm ($5.49 for 17.3 ounces, or 32¢ pe… Even today, there are a ton of blog posts and forum answers warning you (or, primarily, American expats) that ovens in Chinese kitchens are hard to come by–because Chinese cuisine gets along fine without ‘em. See main article on moon cakes, mascot moon cakes and ice cream moon cakes. It can indicate filing ingredients such as bean paste, sesame or peanut or flavors like durian. While plain eggy is the standard, cakes also come in chocolate, coffee, mango, and green tea variations. Dragon Phoenix Pastry 龙凤饼 is a baked pastry with lotus paste filling. Steamed buns are filled with all manner of meats and vegetables: pork, bean sprouts, cabbage, celery, and water chestnuts are just a few options you might find at a sweets-focused Chinese bakery. Bean paste pastry豆沙饼 What will you find? Zhang says the sale of these pastries has increased by 50 percent year on year since 2008. Its filings can be made from different types of bean paste and can be sweet or savory. The first time you walk into a Chinese bakery is a little like stepping into Willy Wonka's factory. Malaysia The basic baked Chinese bun is a slightly sweetened bread made from soft wheat flour, water, and some combination of milk, egg, and fat (butter, shortening, or margarine) for texture and flavor. The New Year cake is made of glutinous rice and usually round. Do you have a go-to Chinese pastry or did we leave out your favorite? If they're more than a couple hours old, just come back later for a fresh batch. consumed a King Pastry 吃砰饼, it often meant that he has just been lectured/scolded. Chinese bakeries also offer Hong Kong's take on the Portuguese original, fittingly described as Portuguese egg custard tarts. almond cake angel cake or angel food cake a very light sponge cake made without egg yolks Bakewell tart an open tart having a pastry base and a layer of jam and filled with almond-flavoured sponge cake baklava a rich cake of Middle Eastern origin consisting of thin layers of pastry filled with nuts and honey Banbury cake a cake consisting of a pastry base filled with currants, … Shops that produce and sell straight from the oven are very popular with customers. are usually golden brown in color and comes in various sizes and shaped. Scallion pancakes can be made however large or small as you see fit, served in circular shapes or cut into wedges. Used for sweet and savory fillings, the dough has less sugar and fat than baked versions. Find the best Chinese Bakery near you on Yelp - see all Chinese Bakery open now. Croissants. China Post whatever you want, just keep it seriously about eats, seriously. Egg custard baked into single-serving tart shells reached Hong Kong by way of Macau, the nearby Portuguese colony. Pastries are an indispensable part of the Chinese lifestyle. Oh, and don't forget the chewy mochi. Find more Chinese words at! Burma These Chinese pastries may have an unusual name, but they’re also called melon cakes. An archetypical Chinese sweet: light on sugar but big on chewy texture. Which is why we've put together this guide to the pastries available in America's Chinese bakeries. Prosperity cake (huat kueh) 发糕 Find the best Chinese Food near you on Yelp - see all Chinese Food open now and reserve an open table. Tall and light with a crisp shell and a lightly chewy center. Try out our Pineapple Buns, Char Siu Bao, Hot Dog Buns (a childhood favorite), or Egg Tarts! Traditionally, the flaky pastry surrounding the filling is made with lard, but some bakeries have switched it out for shortening or butter, which we frankly prefer for a less...porky cake. It is almost always offered in a stack of 3 gently sitting on top of each other in a transparent plastic bag sealed with a strip of red tape.

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